Mostly I have concentrated my attentions on the everyday vicissitudes of urban life and living in quintessentially world cities such as New York, Chicago, and also my native London.

As I wander through the metropolis, I connect with its rich diversity and often-bizarre juxtapositions.  I seek to capture unique moments that, to my eyes, poignantly express social and cultural fragmentation. Or they may suggest isolation possibly connected to class, race or ethnicity. Sometimes I find these instants also echo with my own personal sense of displacement as a UK ex-pat. On one hand,  I recognize, even embrace the subject before my eyes. On the other hand, I take a measure of distance.

When photographing subjects with people,
 I try to hint at imaginary portals into their inner lives and their connections to the world at large.  What places do they occupy in the social order?  How do they experience their lives? What are their individual and collective stories?

Regardless of subject, my hope is that viewers connect viscerally with the scene as I represent it, then frame meanings both personal to them and the disparate realities of the human condition.